Implementation of some Open Source solutions

After having done a review of different Open Sources solutions that can find their place into any enterprise, I'll stop on some of them and see how you can do to smoothly migrate to some of them.

Migrating to Open Source software is not more difficult as migrating to any other commercial closed-source application. It is as difficult as for these ones.

Migration requires a strict metholdology. You need knowledge not only of the target architecture but also of the old one that you are replacing.

In this section,  you will find different approaches to implements various Open Source solutions in the datacenter. 
Based on what you see in the Solutions section,  the following points will be described :
  • Collaboration solutions
  • Virtualization solutions
  • High-availability solutions
  • Database solutions
  • Mixing Linux and Windows
  • And many others ...                           
Implementing an Open Source solution doesn't require a lot more of experience than for commercial proprietary solutions. But still some point needs to be taken into account. So before going any further, we need some kind of methodology...

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