Document management

Document management systems, they will allow the an organization to organize all source of information according to her business rules :
  • Workflow to approve the changes made into a document
  • Metadata to allow a quick search and retrieval of the document
  • Indexing to be able to retrieve a document based on information contained into it


With a market share into the entreprise segment more and more growing, and also to stay aligned with a demand of Cloud enabled technology, it was normal for Linux to support tools for virtualization. As a precurseur, Vmware did support the Linux operating system since its early beginning. But now, the market is wide open to other solutions too.
Starting as open source alternative to the first commercial solution that Vmware was, these alternative solutions have been acquired / integrated into sophisticated commercial solutions.
The valid alternatives to Vmware are :


Database (RDBMS or directories) are often seen has the foundations for almost all applications used within the enterprise.
  • RDBMS will be often used when there is many read and write. RDBMS, the SQL databases, can hold any kind of data, ordered and linked just like you want, but the protocols to access them may be more heavy than for directories